Monday, November 5, 2012

Update from Becca:

Big news! I have to sell Trish! Yes, the beautiful car that the Wones have grown to love is gonna have to go. Her poor transmission is going out. . . so I'm probably gonna sell her for under 1000 dollars which is crap because she is worth SO much for more than that in my estimation. I'm so sad about this and I know that the whole Wones family will be sad. She is in almost everyone of our movies and has been the transport for all of our Wones dates. It's gonna be soooo sad. Anyways, I hope to have her for a few more months to get all the life I can out of her, but I thought you all should know the deal.

I am missing my Wones sisters so bad right now. I miss Jessy and my long midnight talks along with our pig out sessions. I miss squishing on the middle chair in the living room while watching scary movies and I miss dying laughing over something super dumb. I miss Carlee and the way she says, "What was that?" I miss poking her in the butt and listening to her wheezy laugh. I miss her educating me on things I don't know. I'm getting dumber being away from her. And even though I get to see Ashley some still, I miss her too. I miss her practicality and her sense of humor. I miss seeing her singing to people as we pass them on the road and I miss seeing her collapse of laughter. I also really miss Momma 2 and Papa Wones. They are so freaking hilarious and I miss our family bonding moments when we talk and laugh about nonsense. The more gross or embarrassing the better. I miss watching funny TV shows together until 1 in the afternoon and then realizing how lazy we have been. I also miss G-mama and her checking up on me and wanting to hear all about the latest in my life. LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Well, yep, I gotta run to bonus chapel, so I can't do much more. Peace, love and bacon to ya :D

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