About the Wones

  Welcome to the "About the Wones" page. This is the part where we get to ramble about our sisters and tell a little about one another. Yes, this is the page where you get to hear the mushy gushy, tear-a-jerkin', heart smashin' words from the very mouths of the Wones family. (But knowing us, there is bound to be some humor) You will hear from each one of us as we will share stories, facts, and even perhaps we'll throw in a couple inspirational tidbits for you to gnaw on. Our goal on this page is to give you a sample of the loony, lovely, and priceless girls that make up the sisters. NOW! *we move on*
Jessyca Wones:
Yeah this is me the youngest one in the group loves any kind of food and thinks everything is freaky!!!! :O Anyway about me,well im 13(almost 14!!!) and yes i know i dont look it but, thats cause im like extremly tall for my age!!!Im in 8th grade and i love science and vocab!I love any kind of sport and ANYTHING THATS EDIBLE!!!! I have an extremly low voice and like the lowest in choir!I could like probly sing bass!!Haha joking my voice is not that low!I can be soo random and i like to my friends food! I make wierd facial expressions all the time and i love kids!!! I have longish brown extremly curly hair! I love to go shopping but for shoes and awesome graphic tees!!!! I love to talk but i wont talk alot unless i feel like it or its somthing that i believe in or think is wrong!!! I HAVE 50 DIFFERENT NICKNAMES!!! And some i hate!!!! I love to go and get tan with my tanning buddy Beccs every summer!!! I like to pretend im mad at you until i cant hold it in anymore than i just burst out laughing for no reason! I have a tendency to almost whack or whack everybody beacause of my monkey arms!!!Im not girly!!!! I dont like to wear dresses unless its a special occasion and shorts and tees mak up pretty much my whole wardrobe!I love music espcially David Archuletta and Hawk Nelson!! Plus tonz of other christian rock!! I try to be as godly as i can and sometimes its very hard bcause, i can get quite a temper!! but thankfully i have amazazing friends to keep me even!!! Love all of them and everyone else so much!!! Love yall, Jessy ;O
"Bo": Yes, you heard me, Bo is Jessy's nickname from me (Becca) This cutey is one of my besties even though I'm 18 and she's 13. I LOVE HER! Bo is like my twin almost. We both are tall, talk low, and love to tackle people. Bo is the sweetest person, and such a good listener. She laughs a lot and loves to randomly eat my food off my fork or snatch my chip right as I'm bringing it to my mouth. She makes the cutest facial expressions and laughs in a raspy burst that is so adorable. She loves kids and is so good with them. Everyone loves Bo, which can make me jealous because she's MY SIS! Jessy has the most beautiful hair! It's long and really curly. It can get really big sometimes, but I luuuurve it! It's so gorgeous. She is my tanning buddy and we like to go "tan like a rotisserie chicken" as we call it. Most times we go float in a lake or something and slowly turn like we are a chicken being cooked....expect we are still alive at the end and we look pretty and glowy! Jess and I can wear the same pants, and I love her clothes taste. It's the same as me. She likes to get in your face and get a fake attitude and then lose it when she can't control her smile and laughter. She uses her hands a lot when she talks and sometimes will whack you. I love having her over by herself sometimes. It's awesome cause our age difference doesn't even matter cause we still can talk it up and have so much fun. Jessy is so incredible. She is gonna be a great wife and mom. She wants to do right and is sensitive to others. She will go out of her way to make someone feel needed. She's the best! Love ya Bo!
:) Becca

Jessy is a fun-loving, rocking-cool girl. She is absolutely beautiful. She has amazing hair - I could totally see her on an Herbal Essences commercial or something. Jessy plays center for our basketball team - she is amazing under the net and is getting better all the time. She mostly wears t-shirts and shorts but she likes to get all cleaned up and wear scarves. She is the best at Just Dance 2 and I'm jealous of her moves! When music is turned on, you can bet all you have that she is singing along, completely absorbed in the song. She is really random. Suddenly, we will all say, "Where is Jessy?" and she is downstairs playing the piano or something. :D  Jessy has a really deep voice - different for a girl, but really neat! She is the youngest in the group but you wouldn't know it. She comes up to me and hugs me, and looks me right in the eye and says in an adorable voice, "Ashleeeey". It's SOO CUTE!! Like me, she has a hard time turning anything delicious and unhealthy down. The only difference is it won't affect her. :) She is the type of girl who is really cool hanging out with anyone - no matter your age. She is extremely personable and so easy to talk to. Jessy is sensitive towards the needs of others and joy to spend time with. I'm having so much fun watching her mature into Godly woman I know she is going to be.  I LOVE YOU JESSIKA!  -Asha
Jessyca: Jessyca is truly blood related to me! We act to much alike at times it can be freaky. She had a habit of saying exactly what is on the tip of my tounge, and normally is the 1st one to say jinx. She is always surrounded by a group of little kids, and enjoys almost every second of it. She is a total push over, but I love her anyways. She has some of the weirdest nick names, from Frizzy Ape, to Snaggle Tooth, they are pretty freaky. Jessyca is only 13 but had alot of buddies my age, which is totally okay because most of my friends are her age. :) She had a spazzy cat named Chewy who will bite your head off one second, and the next love you like none other. She likes to mess with animals, write letters, talk on the phone 24/7 to Paige Watson, and read the weirdest books. She is taller than me and our brother, and definetely skinnier! -_-(Lol), She knows how to make friends really easily, and can't stand when someone doesn't like her. She totally likes to think she can beat me up just because of the highth difference, and likes to steal my clothes and shoes. She is majorly obsessed with the Wii and can never get enough of Super Mario Brothers. She also loves to do the little finger thing where if you look, she gets to hit you. She is totally weirdazing, but that's Jessyca for you. Your big sis,   Carlton
 Carlee Wones:
About me- I am 16 years old, currently a Sophmore, and loving life. I am the loud, fat, spazzy one of the group who always had something rediculously weird to say. I have been saved for a while and by the grace of God have continued to serve Him. :) I am homeschool and take classes at the world's best Co-op: UCA. I don't get embarassed too easily, as you might know, and I LOVE having a ton of friends. I get along with almost everyone, but have my pet peeves. Just saying to all you girls out there: Don't mess/flirt with my many guy friends or I will seriously damage you! ;) I act tough, but really can be a softy, plus I love having people vent to me. Oh, also I LOVE to talk...alot. I also
love the millions of rediculous nicknames people
have for me. STL, Seal
"Carkikooo": Gotta be top on my list of hilarious girls. She makes me laugh so much of the time. She's hyper a lot which I love because I'm like that too. She makes me smile and want to squeeze her cute face. She squeels a lot with her mouth wide open, and she loves to get into heated conversations, especially when it comes to standing up for her friends. She thinks my BF is the sweetest guy ever and she is protective of me and him.....and really with everyone else. She has lots of friends and people would describe her as funny, crazy, and weird. She used to get embarrassed a lot but she's not so bad anymore. She gotten really good at being herself and not caring what other people think. She loves animals and is almost a charmer with them. It's freaky. She has a knack for photography and likes to jam to music. She is one of the reasons I like the music I do. She got me liking a lot of her favorite artists. She is special to me and I always feel like she has my back. I love Carlee Wones! *squeezes Carlee's face while squeeling "I wuv chu!"* 
:) Becca
Carcahlee, Carwee, Carkeys, Carlos, Cars, and Seal. She is a woman of many names. (A lot more than those too.) She is the most hilarious person I have ever met. If you want to crack up - she's the person to hang with. She is so fortuitous and has serious Ninja skills. See this pic right here --> That is her practicing. Well every person should know that Carlee is my most bestest bestie ever. She has such a gift with kids and people in general. I love it because she is so passionate about certain subjects (like politics). HA! sometimes you have have to calm her down, but hey, it's excitement like that that makes discoveries. Carlee is AMAZING at improv - it makes me jealous. ;) She is avid reader and wii player. And on the basketball court she uses her ninja skills like a pro. Carlee has gorgeous curly hair and a rep for adorable outfits. She owns around 12 Fox hoodies. She is 16 years old and has a permit and she isn't a bad driver although, I would ride at your own risk. She could totally be a gangsta if she wanted to be. She has a sensitive spirit and wants to see others come to Christ. She constantly supports people and is always a listening ear and advice giver. It's so awesome to have someone like Carlee around all the time. I WUV CHU!!!  -Ashley

Huh Carlee what can i say about her? well for one shes my sister and im talkin blood like.... same parents blood!!!! She has a trillion nick names!!! one which i love is carcass!!! like a dead animal carcass although she doesnt smell as bad as one!!!! :P Which is a good thing!! Carlee is one of the funniest people ever!!! She will make you laugh wether you even know her or not!!! She always talks about how she has to pee and she does the pody dance...still!!! Shes the shortest one in the group haha no offense!! maybe thats why her bladder is so small!!!! She acts like a three year old three fourths of the time but shes fun to be around!!! I would never trade her for anyone else!!!She CANNOT MAKE A DECISION!!! Which is very annoying sometimes!!!Oh yeah and shes pretty much obsessed with taking pictures of herself....with MY camera!!!!Never ever get her started on politics she WILL NOT SHUT UP!!!! EVER!!! BUt to a certain degree thats a good thing( except when you have to live with it!!!)Shes obsessed with Fox Racing hoodies and convers!!!!(allstar not the faky kind!!!)HSes a total ninja and i love her very much!!! She stands up for what she believes in and will not let anyone be mean to her friends or make fun of or mock anything that she believs in or is serious!! Which is another thing i love about her!!!!! I wuv you Carcass!!! Love , Jessa your sissa;O 
 Ashley Wones: Well, I'm a junior in high school. I tend to be the more serious one in the group, but I'm still very energetic (if you can imagine the other three. O.o). Often, I feel like the odd one out. I'm the one who doesn't have special talents with kids or animals or wii games, I have weird allergies and I'm the Wones that is constantly picked on. Lol. I don't mind. I think it means they love me. I seem like I'm the last person to understand things too, but I'm the decision maker - so they say. I like being dramatic and turning something as small as a toe-stub into a "freak attack." It's fuu-un. I'm not totally obsessed with many things, just Burts Bees lip Balm!!! OH MY GOODNESS! It's a miracle worker. Here are some things that make me happy: breezes, musicals, scarves, fingerless gloves, finding a new gluten free food, rhythm, blogging, dresses, the sun, basketball, scripture, playing piano, 3D glasses, movies, singing, acting, doodling, the cozy feeling you have when you wake up, journaling, worship, and perfume. Some things I hate are monkeys. Yeah, basically monkeys. Oh, I don't like dogs either. Or sushi. I am an extremely social person and I think I would die without people. I love making people laugh - there is nothing that feels better. I'm saved by the grace of God, and I'm trying to figure out how to be a Godly woman in this crazy world. I love being spontaneous and I don't believe anything fortune cookies say. They are all liars.  -Ashley     
Ashley...hm...Ashley is my best friend in the whole world! She is almost bi-polar.....in a good way. One minute she's cracking up and trying not to be too loud, and the next she's trying to karate chop you in the face. We met while going to the same church and just magically became buddies, even though when we 1st met we didn't like each other...at all. She is a last minute Junior ;) and loves to help others. She is super smart, but needs the helping hand of a Californian at times to truly understand stuff. She is a total crack up, especially when she is on the Basketball Court, which is the last place you want to meet her at. She is a beast, and totally fortuitous. She has two besties, Me and Iain, but we both know I'm the fave. ;) She loves Just Dance 2 and Guitar Hero even though we normally make fun of her and totally kick her butt. Oh and she totally doesn't like dogs...or monkeys. The list goes on, but I run out of room.-Seal

"Sissa": See those watery eyes that are big and brown? Yep. That's my sister and I mean my REAL sister that has the same blood as me. She is my best friend and I love her to death. I would definitely give my life for her. And Carlee and Jess too actually! But Ashley first before them. Sorry ya'll! *chuckles* Ashley loves to randomly creep me out. She will stare at me in a freaky way and then chase me while growling like a ghoul. It scared me SO bad and she knows it. She likes to dance when she hears music and sometimes gets so hyper that she just shakes really hard to get some of it out. Then she will stop and say...."Whoooa!" She loves to jump like a ballerina through the kitchen and she has a hard time flipping pancakes. She is really good at coordinating things and she is creative. She always has a new idea in her head! She has a sweet spirit and always knows exactly what to say to make me smile. She makes herself laugh so hard that she will fall on the floor and start choking. I don't think anything of it....it happens all the time. She doesn't really like animals except cats and she is scared of monkeys. Us wones' like to tease her about that. Hee hee! Ashley is the best sister ever and I don't know what I would do without her! Love you sissa! *kisses*
:) Becca

Ahhhhhhh Asha!!!!! Well ashlee is the more serious one in the group and the desicion maker!!! which is a good thing since the rest of us can never decide!!!! Anyway she is an amazing singer a high pitched sqeaky good sounding soprano!!!!Hahaha!!! She can be REALLY LOUD and then really quiet!!!!! And she loves to squeal!!!!HAhah which is just one of the many things i love about her!!!!!Ashlee is awesome at bball she kicks big and total butt in center!!!!Carlee is probly her bestest friend and theyre alot alike its weird!!!!Shes sooo nice and has awesome ideas!!!Shes histarical and she speaks her mind especially if its somthing that she disagrees with!!!She is a junior (yay!!!) well sort of a last minute junior!!! And she hates monkeys!!! sometimes we'll all hide and turn out the lights then when she walks in we act like monkeys just to freak her out!!!!Ashs is probly the one who gets picked on the most in our group!!!(sorry ahsa its true) haha but we all love her and each other like we loooovvveeee bacon!!!!!! She is a very godly kind young woman and shell be an awesome mamma and a great wife!!!! Love ya ashlika!!! love, jesslika;O 
 Becca Wones: 
Yes, this is me and my weird self. I have no shame sometimes and even though I'm in college, I don't feel like I should be. I love to laugh and many people have said I'm the craziest person they know and the funniest. I just love people and I love the fact that we can be joyful, so why not be? 18 or 27....I hope I'll still be able to have the fun I do now. I'm going to college to be nurse. I love taking care of people and I adore kids. I want to be a neonatal or pediatric nurse so I can spend my time around kids a lot. I play a lot of instruments and love to sing and dance. I'm obsessed with moving my furniture around and I have a lizard that's over a foot long now. I'm the movie editor in the Wones family and I absolutely love it. I feel like the Momma of the Wones cause I drive them around and make breakfast. (pancakes is our tradition) I'm very protective, and don't like people to mess with people that mean a lot to me. I'm a people pleaser and have a hard time saying no to someone. If it's in my ability to help out, and it's not morally wrong, you can't count on me....even if it puts me in a bind in the end. I love the Lord and thank Him so much for all the blessings he has given me! 
:) Becca
How do you sum someone as complex as Becca into one page? If someone is screaming, it's probably because Becca is sitting on them, tackling them or chasing them around. If someone is laughing hysterically, its probably because Becca just made the most disturbing face he or she has ever seen. Becca is musical, smart, old (in body alone), beautiful and hilarious. She is studying to be a nurse, and 
I believe she will be the best one ever because God has given her a gift with kids. Becca is almost always all smiles and laughs and full of hugs for everyone all the time. I've never met someone as obsessed with other people's laughter. If she could listen to a tape of her friends' laughter she would laugh herself sick. If she knows you at all, she can probably mimic your laugh. You should know that Becca is my blood sister. We've shared all our lives together. When I think of Becca, I think of weird (first and foremost) and loveable. So loveable. She loves the Lord and longs to serve Him. I look to her as a total example in my life and I know that she is going to be an awesome woman for Christ. Wuv chu!    -ash 

Ooooooffffff PUFFY!!!!!! Yeah thats right i called her puffy!!!!! Hahaha and trust me you dont wanna ask!!!! Anyway how can you sum up a person like Beccs?!?!?!? Well shes histarical and totally sweet!!!! She is my tanning buddy and every summer we tan like a rotisserie chicken!!! but we never burn!!!She has amazing taste in clothes its like the same taste as mine!!!! And i especially love to steal her food!!!!! HAHA she is probly one of my bestest friends ever if not my best!!!!!! She is meat and potatoes at vball!!!!! And shes an awesome froot loop pancake flipper!!!!She likes to yell at you and scold you like a child!!!! She is the oldest and like the mother hen of our group!!!!Or...or..or.... like the aristrocats mooma cat ahaha im the orange 1,cars is the gray 1,and asha's the white 1 !!!!!! She is an awesome driver and loves to wear winter hats with big puffy balls on top!!!! Any man would be totally lucky to be standing under that mistle toe with beccs!!!! ( wink wink ;);)!!!!)!!!! I love yous soooo much Puffs!!!!These are just some of the many things i adore about becca!!! Wuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv,       Bo

Becca: Becca is a Freshman at Vol, State and is a true kid at heart. She is 18 years old, but is convinced that she is really 10 1/2. Which is a good thing because no one like a stingey colledge kid. Becca is one of the sweetest people I know. She loves attacking people and is epic on the VBall Court. She also has the cutest BF in the world: Brian. So if any guys are reading this...back off. -_- She also had a limited Vocab. like her other sister Ash...but my helping hand I broaden her horizon. ;) She loves talking in high squeeky voice and yelling my name in Woneese. Wones' language. She loves cats, and being tan. She got her liscence this year, but had yet to take us all shopping. She plays piano at UCA and is greatly appreciated there. :) -Seal




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