Monday, March 17, 2014

Update from Jessy:

Wow, this is sad, the last post was in July of 2013. Anyway, I thought I should give people a tiny update on all of us Wones....

1. Becca is now 21 and she's getting married!!!! 0-0 how crazy is that?!?
2. Ashley is about to graduate from bible college and is now 20. 0-0
3. Carlee is in college now, and she's going to be 20. 0-0 That's freaky.
4. I'm almost done with my junior year of high school and I'm about to turn 17! D:

Gosh we're all getting old.

Anyways(once again) Becca, Ashley, and Momma 2 are all visiting this weekend!!! I'm so excited I've missed them all so bad! I haven't seen Becca in almost 9 months!! Isnt that awful? But it should be super fun cause we'l all get to hang out and pig out, plus were gonna all go get pedicures, which sound amazing right now.
Welp there's my mini update, I have to go do school now.



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