Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's in 11 hours almost exactly... 8D I can't wait!!! And I get to see PUFFY IN THE MORNING!!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Love jessayyyyy.

p.s. If you're reading this *points index finger in face and wags it while scolding/commanding* stop being boring and start posting!!! You lame people!!*does big cheesy innocent grin* Haha joking!!!!!! But seriously post something people...peace*does bunny ears* hehhehe

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Creeper man is near

Hello people's im deeply sorry that NONE of the wonses have posted for a while. We are officially starting to fail at blogging. :( Anyway on with the whole creeper man story.

Today we wnt out to run errands and go to the store and things like that. But when we were in kroger we were walking down by all the cash registers and he entrance this guy was pushing a shopping cart coming towards us on the same isle... Well he saw us coming and puts his head down (like he's looking at the ground)and cocked it kinda sideways then was would look at us like he was boring a hole in us and switched lanes, but kept staring at us with a really weird creepy expression until he couldn't see us anymore. IT. WAS. CREEPY. BEYOND NO BELIEF well it wasn't that bad but it was creepy okay!!! And if you don't understand how I meant he was walking next time you see me ask and I'll most likely show you!!! But on to different things....

1: I am so EXCITED ABOUT CAMP!!! I'm really anxious to sew who's cabin I'm gonna be in though. But it'll be super FUN!!!!!!;) but some peeps arent gonna be there so that makes me sad :( sniff sniff *wipes tear from eye*. But there also a bunch of newbies and some are cits so I'm waitin to see!!!:)

2: I miss all my friends. I haven't seen becca since the 8th of July I only saw her twice when she came back from camp to visit. How sad is that I wanted to go to the youth something up there but I didn't get to:'( and I haven't seen Ashley since then either and she's not even gone she's just workin and stuff. It's complete poop. But that's why I'm excited about camp because I'll get to see most of my friends.

3: I'm ready for school and sports. I'm ready to try and take on all the schoolwork. I'm ready to be a freshman,to see everybody 2 to 3 times a week,to sing and start getting ready for convention. School like things.

4: I'm ready to see my grandparents well 3 of them.

5: I think I'll try defying gravity ;)hahaha Jkn carlees playing it on her iPod.

6: for people to start posting and to stop being boring maybe we need motivation. So what's everybody looking forward to at school or college. And what are you NOT looking forward to.

I'm waiting......


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ummm what r u doin up this late!!?....or early or WHATEVER!!!!

Yes people I am up at four o clock in the morning!!! I don't really want to be but I am soooo yay!!!! Anyway you might want to know the reason and I can tell you so here it goes.....We are going to Kings Island!!!!! In Ohio. To ride. Roller coasters till 8pm and we get there at 10 am..... HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! were going with our old neighbors from Cali!!! So Im gonna take pics and videos!!! Now I know I sound excited but this is not my fullest excitement!!! Trust me this is me right now  this will be me later  just to let you know that's my crazy face. Do you get it or do I need to make it again?!?!  yeah thought so!! Anyway if you read this right after I post it or if it's early in the morn then you need to go BACK TO SLEEP!!!!

Peace love and bacon(wishin I had some)

Sleepy Jessy

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am eternally freaked out.....

Right now I am sitting in my living room watching my friend Avery play guitar hero and typing this while listening to my iPod. I went swimming earlier and once again I AM SU BURNED!!!! But only under my eyes!!! but it was still fun me and Makenzie fought over a bucket for like 2 hours don't ask why....cause I don't know why!!! Yesterday we went to the greenhills mall and walked around and shopped for stuff for like 2 to 3 hours. I got a five dollar perfume it smellsgood it's called vanilla lace!!! And I got almost 30 dollars worth of hair accessories!!! It was awesome!!! Then we went to dinner at this really famous resteraunt/shop/used to be motel called the loveless cafe. It was really awesome. They have really big plates like every meal there is HUGE!! Okay and when they brought mine out I was scooting it away from me cause the lady set it really close(just to let people know I got homebreaded chicken fingers,Homeade Mac N Cheese,and cream corn. Mmm). So when I was pushing it back the BBQ sauce fell on me okay and not like oh I got a dab on my shirt it fell all over my shirt,my hand and half of my right leg. And it was extremely hot tempeture wise!!! At first I was like "okay it's kinda hot then it started to burn SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!! That I started to ball and I dont know how i got to the bathroom besides the fact that dad lunged across the table and was like help her freaking out Fixin to drag me to the bathroom, when the waitress(who's name btw is Melody she was a very good and sweet waitress)says watch out I'll take her and rushed me to the bathroom as fast as she could through the WHOLE RESTERAUNT!!! we get In there and she shoves my hand under the faucet with cold water and is standing there aplogizing and saying how she bet that the sauce was probly really hot! So she got burn stuff to help with the burning And I held ice and a cold rag on my right hand the whole time while trying to eat and cut chicken with my left hand so Carlee had to tear my chicken up for me!! But it was fine but now I freaked out about hot BBQ sauce so that should explain the name!! But I got a totally cute outfit from Beccs and asha for my bray!!!!;) Fankyu sissas!!! I wuv y'all!!!



Blueberry scones: Sometimes I think they are little baby angels sent here by God to fill our tummies with deliciousness! -Carlee


I'm Scarth...

Okay, I have auditions today and I'm nervous. For those of you who may not know, I'm auditioning for Cinderella - The Enchanted Version at 1pm. I have been waiting for this day for months, but now that its here, I'm sick.


I have pressure in my head and my throat hurts.

Timing couldn't have been worse.

I'm auditioning anyways. I'm just going to stock up on meds, and try to get through it with out much pain or nervousness. I'm singing "Make Believe" from Showboat. The song pretty much embraces my classical voice to its fullest...which I'm not sure I like. But anyways, I'm excited and hope I don't look too corny. I mean, me singing some crazy love song and trying to sing-act at the same time? This could be interesting.

But it will be worth it. Who doesn't want to try to be Cinderella or one of her psycho stepsisters, right?

I want the part for the dress.


Friday, July 8, 2011


Check this amazing video.....Kirstin and I did it today and it was sooo fun!

Eat mor chikin,,,,,COW DAY!

Today is International Cow Appreciation Day! Kirstin and I dressed up as cows and went to Chick-fil-a to surprise Ashy. It was awesome, especially since we got a free meal.

There was this awesome group of people that came in while we were there and they were crazy!!! One of the ladies was really loud and laughed raspy and it was cool. She said, "This is utterly good," and then died laughing. And you know those little cows they have hanging from the ceiling? She pointed and said very loudly, "There's our uncle Earl!" Cookie and I were dying laughing and they were laughing too. Ashley was ringing them up and was hyperventilating. It was pretty epic.

Before we left, we went and asked if we could take a "cow herd picture." They were like, "YEAH!" So, here they are :)

SO! Happy Cow Day to all and to all a good night. *smooch*

-Cookie and Aboo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!! %*#%*#%*# *kapwinggggzinnnnnggg*

Those little thingymabobs like the number symbol and others are supposed to be fireworks!!!!
Anyway today is gonna be awesome!!! The Wones are uniting for the fourth of july!!!! And more amazing news....Beccas back till saturday!!!! YAYAYYAY!!!!!!  (random input: our cat pistachio is asleep on my lap and i can pull his head up and it plops down wihtout him waking up hahahahahha) Anyway 2 days ago we went to the collins house for a fireworks display which was amazing and just to hangout with a bunch of cool random people!!! :)   here are some pics(i got over 200 pics of fireworks alone that night id love to post them all but im too lazy and it would take to long):

 I love these they all just look sooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well peace out!!!! Dont lick any sparklers today!!!!!:)  


                                                  morter lighting Jessy

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hey guys! So I uploaded a video to YouTube called: Student Life- Kit Kat Revenge

You should check it out. It's so funny. Anyways, I'm sorry I couldn't give the link to you, but my iPod was having a paste issue. Lol

Hopefully the Wones will post something funny with in the next couple of days. :)

Bacon is a girls best friend...well maybe just this girls best friend!

Thinking of dodgeballs,