Thursday, June 30, 2011

I's Like to Thank the Academy!

Okay, seriously...I want to know who said I'd look cutest in braces because I want to give you a huge hug. Unless you're totally creepy...because then.... That would be creepy. AND the same goes for the person that said I have the most common sense. Oh yeah and if you did it just to be funny because you really don't think that I am the número uno option for those... Then forget that we were ever friends!

This is totally weird but my head feels really freaky. It kinda feels like I have a slight brain freeze. And it hurts. :(

Yes: it is midnight.

I am want to go to sleep but I'm freaked that something will happen to me while I am sleeping! Like because of my head and stuff. O_O

I miss all my UCA peeps! I haven't seen the Oakes, the Martins, the Carrolls, the Dooleys, or Kirstin in FOREVERRR! If I left some other peeps out I'm sorry. I don't feel like typing every person whom I have not seen, plus my brain still feels frozen.

Still can't sleep. :(

Counting sheep,

Frosty the Snowman

Monday, June 27, 2011

"Be Careful What You Wish For Cause You Just Might Get It..."

Yeah, that song (along with "Friday") have been going through my head all day.

I have been discouraged and complaining about not getting opportunities to sing in front of people for months now.

I'm going to be singing in front of 4,000 people on the tenth at Opry Land Hotel.


Pray. I'm so nervous.

Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get just might get it....



Wow we look bad but the baby kitty looks adorable! :P

Friday, June 24, 2011

Rated PG-13 for continuous and EPIC battle scenes!!!

At least that's what it should say!!! Instead it's for continuous and intense scenes and language....... We are whatchin Batlle:Los Angeles. It's pretty awesome. A totally WPIC battle scene just ended!!! And now it's a sad part:(


Fixin to bawl my eyes out jessy

Five Things I Can Resist Today

1. Starbursts

2. Missing Ash and Becca

3. The sun (tanning)

4. smelling Stuff

5. Listening to the voice of an angel (Sam Tsui)! He is SO stinking cute.

That just about sums up my day. Chow... on some baked potatoes with Sour Cream, cheese, chives, and BACON.
Wishing really hard for a a potato,


Thursday, June 23, 2011

our new baby kitten


he now has a name!!! and it is *drum roll* Chance!!!! and hes adorable

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

our new baby kitten



My Mom almost ran over a baby kitten on her way to work. She brought it home so now it is in a carrier in the bathroom so that it won't be too stresses. Unfortunately it has blood on it's nose. We aren't sure why it has blood on it so we are going to wait for a little bit and see how it is and if it seems to be getting bad or something than we will probly take it to the vet. :( Pray for the baby kitty! :) I will be (hopefully) posting some pics of it later.

Kittens are friends, NOT food,


Monday, June 20, 2011

In Response to Becca's Post

Dude... This made ne laugh so hard I started crying! This is funnier than the video David After Dentist.

My favorite part is when he says he can't move his finger and he is thumb wrestling. Also when he freaks out because he doesn't know who his sister is. Oh and when he starts crying because she touched him.

Laugh and comment!


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Michael showed me this vid....haha!

"Hide your kids, hide your wife!"


Michael Martin, one of the staff I'm working with up at camp, showed me this video and we were dying laughing. I'm sure we will be quoting this for the rest of the summer. Haha!

Home Sweet Home

Hey y'all! I am finally home. It feels good in a way, but I miss SOME of the people. Not trying to be rude, but when you spend a week with people and see them more than what your normally used too...they start to irritate you... a lot.

If you don't know it was in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I was at a camp called Student Life. We worked at Salem Terrace Assisted Living and Kernersville Elementary School. It was sad T the Nursing Home because there was A huge Alztimers and Dimensia unit. And there was some freaky looking people. While I was there I got to talk to a Woman who did not believe in God, but that if you were a good person then you should go to heaven. I also met a Jahova'z Witness who I talked to about her belief. She said the reason she liked that religion was because you didn't have to celebrate holidays. I asked if she was saved And she replied, "Yes ma'am." Sadly I ended the conversation there with out digging too deep. I feel ashamed in a way that I did not talk to her more about my Lord and Savior. I met a guy there said said one of his hobbies was checking out women. OH and his advice was stay away from the streets and don't the the hood get you. That cracked me up so much.

I had to put up with playing Mafia for OVER 3 hours. -_-

The band was way better than I expected. I feel proud to say I Was at The Museums first Student Life concert!!!!!! Seriously GET THEIR CD! They are amazing live you guyses. Look up some of their songs. The band is: The Museum . Don't put a period behind their name okay? Lol, their newer CD is called: Let Love Win

They were the sweetest guys!

While I was there I stayed in a hug college dorm. We had to walk everywhere on campus! And campus is humongous. The college is Wake Forest University.

Oh and some super famous NASCAR driver's daughter was there at camp. All I know is his last name is Waltrip. Lol, I can't remember his first name cause I don't k ow who he is because I don't like NASCAR.

Talk at 'cha later. Pickles,

If there are any spelling errors get over it cause it take forever to type on my iPod. Lol

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Camp is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Hello peoples of earth!!! Ive been extremley lame for not posting but this is gonna make up for it i promise!!!! Anyway My month has been purty awesome! Shiphs party was pretty cool i had fun!!! Woohoo!! :) But i miss everybody.:'(*hangs head and sniffles* But on the bright side im going to camp...IN ONE DAY!!!!!!!! How exciting is this?!?!?! VERY!!! Were going to a missions camp in winston salem,(or somthin like that)North Carolina!!! It will be...............AMAZING!!! I hope!*crosses fingers* all yall people know 2 of the peeps that are going though i think!!! GUess who!!! Its*drum roll* The Staceys!!!!  But we went shopping for stuff for camp today. It was fun but tireing!! We ate lunch at DQ Chill and Grill. It was awesome i got a numbre 1!!! Thats a bacon cheeseburger!!! *licks lips* uhhh amazing bacon!!!*passes out*but i felt like a total lard afterwards.  Which i guess i alredy was so i dont feel TOO terribly bad!!! :P But camp will be amazing!! I will miss EVERYONE!!!!!!!! Peace love bacon and i miss you asha and PUFFS!!!!!!:(


                                                   Camper happy JEssy :B

                              Random pics!!!

 The bee one you can change bee to wasps. Bees i can handle....wasps?!?!? I need a magazine and bug killer spray stuff!!!!

    The bob one well......hahahahaha.....need i say more?!?!?!?


Grrrr....I recently bought Defying Gravity on iTunes. -_- I am addicted! If you don't know what I'm talking about I will tell you. It is an amazing song from the musical Wicked. The reasons for it's awesomeness are: the score is great!, the (not yet wicked) wickedwitch of the....what ever direction it is has an amazing voice. She practically belts the song! Which some of the notes are highish and are hard to hit in you head voice WHILE belting. Don't believe me? Look it's pretty epic.

I'm also recently addicted to 2 actors!!!!!! -_- 1. Thor 2. Loki

I'm a freak I know, but listen up. The dude that plays Thor has gorgeous eyes and the dude that plays Loki is an amazing actor. For real the Loki actor made me go loco over him because of how passionate he gets. I know, he's like a freak in the movie, but when he is yelling at his dad about him beIng a Froat Giant in the vault and he is like on the verge of crying *squeaks* I just want to give him a big hug. Lol. Like I said before...I'm a freak. It's okay....I know it. Hahah....

Guess what I'm listening tooooo?!!??? Wicked... Well this time it's the equally awesome: For Good. Dude the harmony is cool. I want Ash and I to learn the parts so we can jam out to some musical that logically oxymoron but technically not oximoron? Like because it's musical music? Never mind! I can tell I'm fruit your mind.

Smelling something burning,

The Carl


*wipes sweat from forehead* I finally am half way packed. I'm starting to get excited. We went to the store and bought stuff. It was funn ( I always have liked buying stuff for camp) but it was long.

The Lillys are here to pick up their bIrd! Thank goodness! I told Jay about camp ( my stuff was out so he asked about it) and he told me that North Carolina sounds like a place where people would kill you. He is telling me some weird stories while I am typing this and I just keep saying, "Yeah?" and "Wow" and he was like totally not noticing that I wasn't paying attention. I'm a horrible person.

My teeth have been hurting.

Jay just asked if he could slap my foot. O_o

He just put on my glasses.

The bird pooped on my floor.



Friday, June 10, 2011

I Feel (Not) Mature

Wow. I just discovered something tonight.

I'm 17 and 1/2 and I cannot overcome the temptation to spit off a high balcony when standing and looking over the edge.


I'm hopeless.

New Word!!

Just randomly made up a new word: Irkitated

It's a combo of irked and irritated. I'm a stinking genius! :P

Starting to Pack,

The Carl

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mr. Police, I PROMISE I didn't try to hit my Instructor! He shouldn't have bailed out of the car.

Okay, for those of you who may not know, I'm taking my drivers test tomorrow. Am I nervous? No way...

Well, maybe a little.

I figure if I get through it without taking out any billboards, hitting pedestrians, or the worst case, making my airbag blow on my Instructor, I'll pass.

I'm worried about my picture! Should I curl my hair or leave it straight?

I just hope he/she doesn't want me to do any psycho park jobs. I mean, I'm bad...really bad at parking. I'm the freak who parks all the way at the end of the Wal-Mart parking lot, for fear of hitting a parked handicapped van (which is really hard to do considering they have really big parking spots...). So, watch, my Instructor is going to pick the tightest, most awful parking spot for me.

I think I'll curl it...

Blabaddy Bloo

Wow, today was definitely funn, but I feel alittle stressed.

I dropped of my money to Uncle Gene then visited my bestie at Chic-Fil-A, where I again saw Uncle Gene.

I went to the store and bought chicken.

Went to NCG in Gallatin and watched Thor... again but this time with Ash.

Came home and laughed my head off at the weird people on America's Got Talent, then got stressed out about packing for camp! For some reason when I don't pack a couple days ahead I get really stressed out. I have to be packed by Sunday because we leave Sunday night. Well, it's Thursday and I haven't even started packing yet. :( I get nervous and feel like I have to pee when I think about the fact that I haven't started packing anything! Like my bladder clenched up and I feel super nervous...and yeah. Basically, that's what I feel like.

Hope you enjoyed my rambling!
Craving to pet a fluffy squirrel,

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am watching AGT for those of you who didn't know what that stands for, its Americas got talent!!! I love this show!!!!*does cheesy smile*. And wow some of these acts......... No comment on some of them... But some are amazing! NO JOKE!!!!! but yeah anyway unfortunately I got to go I'll try to post tomorrow!!!

Live long and prosper my friends!!





I think ORIGINAL Wheat Thins could possibly be the only thing one googleplex of a millameter close to Heaven! I think I have eaten about half the box. *sigh* I am going to miss you sweet, sweet, crackers when I am at camp. :( You should envy my before dinner snack. Don't be a hater, because..... No one likes.....those kinds of people. O_o

Anywho, live long! Oh and discover food heaven with a box of ORIGINAL Wheat Thins.

Inhaling crackers,


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Excuses and Fabio

I'm sorry my friends! I'm sorry. You see I was way too lazy to go downstairs and post stuff. So basically I didn't want to post until I had an easy way to do it that was way lardish then walking down then back up16 steps. I'm sure you all know how that goes?

Kirstin' I just want to say, about our phone call...IT WAS ALL YOU BUDDY! Hahah, kidding. So Kirstin called me the other day to ask me the time something started at. I told her and stuff, but then it got quiet and stuff so we both tried to make Convo. It didn't work. Sorry Kirstin! Lol, I guess I am just not a phone person!!!!!! Hahah.

So funny story: There once was a man named...Fabio. He had greasy hair and loved mushrooms. He always wondered why he couldn't get a girl until one of his sweet/ crabby friends told him that he needed to change himself. You see for having such a name that gives the impression of long flowing hair, big muscles, with a biscuit brown tan, he was long limbed, matted and pale as a ghost. So once Fabio's friend Latrine told him he needed to change himself he did. THE END!

Wow, *wipes tear from eye* That one always gets me. What's that? You want to know how Badger like Fabio's story ends? Well, he goes to a wizard, things go wrong, people get involved, he gets the girl, and they rise off on llama back into sunset. Suit your fancy?

Squish some squirrels,

*makes offended face and stomps off*

Ashley ashley Ashley tsk-tsk to you!!! I posted like last week!! But no one commented. And no one else was posting so I didn't feel very "encouraged" to post.....unfortunately. But I will post tomorrow I pinky promise *holds out pinky and waits for response* okay?!?!!?




No Wones is posting anything....except me...Seal hasn't even commented.

*tsk tsk*

Monday, June 6, 2011

Her name is Scabbington and She shall be my Scabbington

Let me tell you a tale. On Friday I was invited to attend a lovely 80s party for the birthday celebration of Shiphrah. Well, we had to dress up like people from the 80s would dress and I got the bright idea to curl my bangs. The idea worked stupendously and I think I looked rather 80s-ish, but it didn't come with out some, I guess I could call them.

Upon raising the curling iron to my head, I grabbed my bangs and rolled the iron downward, over my forehead. But, I didn't think about the position of the iron and unfortunately, the spot on the iron that opens when you squeeze the handle, was facing the bear skin on my forehead. Not thinking, I squeezed. Yelping in horrific pain, I jerked the iron away. I burned a small rectangle onto my head.

And the burn strategically located itself right under my part, so no matter how I wear my bangs, it can be seen.

No one noticed at the 80s party, because the burn was still fresh. But, a few days later, on Sunday, I was asked by probably every soul I nodded a greeting to, "What happened to your head?"

At first, I was rather ashamed . I mean, it was quite embarressing. But now, as I gaze into the mirror at the small, rectangular, red shape on my head, I feel affection. And I have affectionately deemed her as, Scabbington.

Now, now, don't judge. I know the initial reaction is to think, "Why on this planet would someone name a scab?" But, I feel as though when the iron burnt my head, it burnt Scabbington's name on my an inseparable type of way.

She is my Scabbington. And please, no rude comments when you see her, she is very sensitive and already having some insecurity issues from the people who laugh, make fun, and stare at her.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Chick-Fil-A Lemonade and Love Being Weird to Comprehend

You know how the average female's body water percentage is 55%. Well, I think mine is 28% water and 27% Chick-fil-a Lemonade.

It has become a part of who I am.

We are one.

...Okay, sorry. That was just....disturbing. I love the lemonades, comprendes? 

I miss Becca. My life just isn't the same without her. I was at work thinking of all the stuff I was going to tell her when I got home, then I realized she wouldn't be there. I'm trying not to be too depressed.

Carks, Jess, we need to go to Jimmy Floyd soon. Or plan another party. This time, my house?

Why do people fall in love? Sorry, I know that is random, but I was just wondering. Seriously, why is it that she likes that guy and they find each other attractive, but then these people over here think, "I would never like him!" Why? That is so mind-boggling! I'll tell ya, we have a seriously creative creator. I mean, just love in general, in the most basic sense of the word is so cool to think about. Why do we even have emotions in the first place? But then, to feel something so strong and as moving and motivating as love is crazy. How is it that random, bags of bones, can be attractive....and find others attractive....

Am I alone in the amazement of that?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

passing out

wow the title sounded kinda interesting i feel bad cause this post really isn't. haha wow i manage to laugh is 6:22 AM and i have been up for a hour. As i think many of you know I.HATE.GETTING.UP.EARLY. Like yeah i get over it and deal with it but.......still....i don't like it.    -_-  anyway i have to get up early to go sell donuts for a camp. originally we thought we were gonna sell em with the carmans(not candace and courtney carman its their cousins Gene and Rachel) but it turns out we don't even get to see them.....-_-   yeah thats right i made two of those faces. Deal with it!!!! but the upside is is that there will probably be left over donuts!! Know what that means?!?!?! Yeah exactly. I bet you're jealous. hahahahaha

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


wow were are being sooooo boring and not posting anything.WE.ARE.LAME.  but just for now!!! now since theres something on here were not! Hope that made sense.....somehow.   I am depressed. Wanna know why?!?!? Well you probably don't but im gonna tell you anyway. my bestest friend is gonna be gone ALL SUMMER!!!!! Im only gonna get to see her for less than a week........doesn't that suck!!!! Yeah it does so this is for becca(puffaaaayyyyy)


                I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!!!!! COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!

            love jessy(bo)