Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feed the Head

Dude! You guys have to go to this website. Click on the link below and play around with the head. It is so random and weird! I love it. :) ENJOY!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

What the Poop??

Why do people always leave comments on Jessyca's, Becca's, & Ashley's posts, but not mine? -_-That's really annoying. Whatevez! I'm over it! Lol

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Aspargus and card tricks

I learned a cool new card trick. oh yeahhhhhhh..........................................

btw: what do you think of this,   a tribe of asparagus children who are self-conscious about the way the way there pee smells.


HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH...the longer you watch it the funnier it gets. The sign one is my favorite because that is totally something I would do!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Elf boyfriend? Is this supposed to be cute?

The other day, Brian and I were talking about school and jobs and such. We somehow (shocker) started getting a little hyper.

One thing you should know about Brian is that he is the randomest person I know. He will get kinda hyper, and when he gets hyper, his thoughts become very unpredictable. He becomes ADHD and hard to follow at times. He will say something randomly and never invite me on his thought process, so I am totally lost and caught off guard by something he says because I have no idea HOW he even came to think of it.

This conversation is an example. There we were talking about school and then randomly Brian said, "Can you picture me as an elf?"

I kinda paused and then died laughing. He started laughing too and then expanded on the thought. He said, "No seriously, picture me really short with a green hat on and a tight green outfit." I died laughing while saying, "Ewwww!"

"I'd be at a huge long table with hundreds of elves that look just like me." *laughter*

"Santa would walk in the room and I'd look up really happily and excitedly, and then go back to hammering. I would be going really fast and smiling really big." I literally am laughing hysterically trying to type this.

I was crying because I was laughing so hard, and Brian couldn't stop laughing either because I wheezed, "Brian, I'm about to pee my pants. Hold on." I literally ran to the bathroom and was still laughing while sitting on the pot.

So, do you agree with me on Bri's randomness? TOTALLY weird right? Ya....I agree. It makes things very interesting though. I never know when I'll be laughing or disturbed about something. It's awesome. Now, the question is....should I think he would be a cute elf, or is it wrong for me to be like, "EW! That's sick!"?!?!?! Hahaha.

Response story to Carlee's finger grating.....

Dude! When I read the finger grating thing in you last post, I about peed. I was dying because I do that a lot and it hurts and grosses me out. I was also laughing because I remembered a story that I thought you would enjoy.

This happened when we used to go to Southside and Missy was still at home, so I was probably 9 or 10. Well, Mom and Dad were out of town, so Missy, Ashley, and I went to church on our own. It was Fellowship Dinner Night so we had to make a dish. We decided to make some type of cake with custard.... :/ Well, we spent forever making it and when we tasted the custard, it literally tasted like urine. I've never tasted pee, but the way it tasted reminded me of the smell. We all were gagging and threw it away. We ended up making something else. the finger grating part! Once we got to church, some of the ladies needed help in the kitchen so Miss, Ash and I helped out. They told me to grate some cheese. I loved grating cheese! *Becca's little kid laugh* There were three church ladies in there. Mrs. Holloran, Mrs. Sharp, and Mrs. Thompson.....this is important for Carlee, because it changes the whole story if you know how these ladies are. Anyways, I was grating away, and the cheese was starting to get small. I didn't slow down though. *scrape* I grated the heck out of my finger, and said, "Owwwww!" I chunk of my skin was gone. And instead of just keeping quiet, I said, "Well, someone's gonna be eating part of my finger tonight." What an idiot! Missy elbowed me in the side and whispered, "Becca! Be quiet." No one said anything else, but I remember being so embarrassed. HA!

Random little story of my life. Such a me thing to say huh? I was a little, outspoken turd.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


this is the 217th post just thought id let you know.

MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!!

smile or ill have to put one on your face!!!

I wishhhhhhhhh......................

I Wish............................

  1.  That i could figure out exactly what food im craving right now
  2. That i coulda come to the Jonses christmas party
  3. That i was done with all my christmas shopping done
  4. i knew why my cousin kylie is sooooooooooo weird.....
  5. I could take #4 back
  6. i could meet the red,yellow,orange,green M-N-M people. but not like their voics like actually them like as the M-N-Ms
  7. that i could get my cousin back........................:)

well i miss my friends so FRIENDSIMISSYOU!!!!!!!!!!!! SAYYOUMISSMEBACK!!!!!!!!



i just put this to be creepy make sure to read underneath.

yeah so go take a shower dirty one. youve polluted my mind.

Something to Look Forward to

I am so excited about Christmas this Sunday! I feel like I have something to look forward to: seeing Beccs before she leaves, hang with Ash because we haven't hung out in FOREVER, getting to open and get something new, eat amazing food, laugh with my family. *sigh* I am happy that I have something to look forward too!!

I am watching Cops and this guy is denying the fact that the Marajuna in his car is actually his. It's sad.

Mom and Grammie just got back from shopping for Me, Jessy, Kylie, & Paige's christmas presents. Gramms told me how many stores they went to and it was way over 10!

We are having tacos and they smell so good.

@Ash: Kylie & I felt REALLY bad for you guys and your cleaning adventure. ;)

Got to go shread some cheese,


P.S. One time I accidentally shredded my finger nail into the cheese, and another time I shredded some of my skin. Ughh...I HATE shredding queso.


I smell like rat-poop.

Why? Because I cleaned a disgusting apartment in our triplex today. It was gross.

But then I ate at Dos, so it wasn't so bad after all...

And now I'm fixing to take a shower, watch The Help and eat Neapolitan ice cream.

Tomorrow, I have to work and I'm a little freaking out because Kirstin told me that we have 25 advance orders set up for tomorrow. That is A LOT!

My nose is itching.

I talked Mom into letting all of us open one present early. We did. I got a really cute scarf and matching earrings. So me.

I miss my friends. Seems like lately I've been having a lot of fun with people. I love them.

Becca moves in about twenty days.

I get my SAT scores in two days.

And this post is boring - goodbye! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Guess What?!

I'm eating:

Mexican FOOD!

Delicious Beans and Rice....Yumm...

Be jealous. ;)


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Explaination: Ode to Blue Yoshi

So here is an explanation about my Ode to Blue Yoshi post.

I was babysitting 2 children and decided to have Becca & Ashley over at the same time, because we hadn't hung out in FOREVER! So, they came over and we ate pizza and hung out, then we decided that the Wones' needed to work on our newest song, SO we sat the kids down to some Super Mario Bros. Well, the boy got on to his Yoshi and some how managed to loose his yoshi. So he started screaming at the TOP of his lungs, "I WANT ME BLUE YOSHI!! MY BABY! I WANT MY BLUE YOSHI!!!" And of course we are laughing so hard at him we don't really do anything to him, because he finally stop screaming and got his Blue Yoshi back.

Then we went and practiced our song. In the middle of it I decided to stop and check on the 2 kiddies. They wanted me to play with them, so I did. I had the green yoshi. :) So then one of the kids made me loose my yoshi and I started making fun of the boy who screamed earlier by freaking out and screaming, "I WANT MY YOSHI!! GIVE ME MY GREEEEEENNNNN YOSHI!" Well, Ash came in and was dying laughing. And then all of a sudden the boy started screaming the same thing again, about his blue yoshi. Well, me and Ash are like cracking up, and then the child started to ball his eyes out. He didn't start crying about us laughing, but about the fact that his sister was killing his BLUE yoshi. Ash and I had to calm him down. After that little chestnut, we decided to calm them down and play a more civilized game: Apples to Apples Jr. So, we did and the whole time the child had to bring up the fact that he REALLY loved his Blue Yoshi and how it was all his sister's fault that they died. It was totally a sore subject for him, but he KEPT BRINGING IT UP!

And that is the reason! Too funny, huh??

Wanting her GREEN YOSHI!!!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Ode to Blue Yoshi

Ode to Blue Yoshi

Oh Blue Yoshi, so big and fair
I love to play with you here and there
You flit, you fly, you come to my
every need and care!

Jump over this hole I dare?
OF COURSE! For you will never parish.
                                               But WAIT! What's this??
                                               You wait now to dis
                                               I am alone and you I've lost
                                               Your life was cost 
                                               For me to live?!

                                               NO! Blue Yoshi? NO!!!
                                               I want my BLUE Yoshi
                                               I want it, I want it, I want it!!
                                               I want the baby...
                                               Tears fall down my face
                                               For I cannot replace the hole in my heart.
                                               I WANT BLUE YOSHI!

                                               It is Anna's fault I say.
                                               She has made me pay his life, for mine
                                                In time, revenge is mine!
                                                My babysitters say,
                                                "Jay? Are you crying?"
                                                I am replying
                                                "BLUE YOSHI" while tears again flood my eyes
                                                 Blue YOSHI!!!!!!!!!!!!


These are some funny pictures that I think are GOLDEN!

I just appreciate having 2 armrests~! is him, just in Oprah's body!! Hahahahahah....

So these are some funny pictures I just came across and thought that you would enjoy them! Leave comments about your favorite one.


*meme face*

I have 2 votes on the braces pollllll!!! *dances while making the MeMe face* I'm catching up Ash & better watch yourself.

watch yourself........

Watch yourself......

watch yourself...........................






*echo continues*