Monday, February 28, 2011

Volstate experiences

It's really rainy. I don't like it. I wouldn't mind if I was at home, but I'm at school running through it. I was shivering all through Anatomy and Physiology. Now I'm in the library and I'm still wet. My socks are evern drenched cause there are puddles the size of the Mississippi out there. I had to ford through one and almost got washed away. It was scarrry. *winks*

Let me explain a rainy day at Volstate.....rain is coming down in a torrent and girls are outside in little mini skirts and heels, thinking they need to look hot on a day like this. They don't need to dress like that anyway, but ESPECIALLY not today! Everyone is gathered under the awning takin their smoke which they have to have after every class. People are cussing at the rain and talking trashy about how annoying it put it in nice words. Then inside the buildings, people congregate and have a little reunion. They practically are yelling to where all the teachers have to shut their doors so the students actually learn something educational....instead of how some person's daughter-in-law's uncle Bill got a DUI back in December and has been running from the police. (I just made up that story btw but you get my drift.) Everyone is carrying umbrellas and bringing them into class so the floors get really wet. Then the people like me who don't have an umbrella stick out like a sore thumb because they are drenched and the rest are not. It's mostly me and a ton of guys. It's hard to find a guy here at Volstate carrying an umbrella. It's always the girls.....excluding me. I hate umbrellas. And then there are the people who wear rain jackets....they squeek a lot.

So, that's what it is like at Volstate on a rainy day. Real weird. But sometimes really funny. People do weird stuff in the rain.

OKAY! There was a lady in my Science class who sneezed SO LOUD that most of the class jumped. I know I did. She was sitting next to me and it sounded like she was going to blow up. Talk about funny!!! The whole class said, "BLESS YOU!" at the exact same time. She just said "thanks" real quietly and then everyone busted out laughing cause it sounded like an explosion. Fun-nay.

Alright, this happened last semester, but there was a big lady who was in my statistics class (she dropped the second week) but she had a really bad cold and came into class with a WHOLE ROLL OF TOILET PAPER!!!! Me and my friend Sarah could not stop laughing, but we were trying to not let her know we were laughing at her. It was hysterical.

Another time in statistics, one of my black girl friends was talking on the phone and said, "I did mouth to mouth on a fake man today." She laughed and said, "It was weird." Another time that I couldn't control my laughter. My amazing Indian teacher was eyeing me like, "Becca! What's your problem? You're always laughing!"

Just a couple random stories.....I'll shut up now...but that gave me something interesting to do during my break! Thanks for reading! Peace love and bacon!

Soaked to the bone,

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Okay so today after school I went to the Shelton's for PACE Bowl and I read a card that asked this question: What is the name of the famous New York woman who had a nose 4 feet, 6 1/2 inches long. I freaked out and started spazzing. I was like, " We have got to Google a picture of this woman now." Well, when I looked at the answer on the back for her name I found out it was the Statue of Liberty. -_- You have no idea how blonde I felt. *cracks up* As soon as I told my peeps what the answer was we all started dying laughing. Good memories. Anyways, after Jon left, we started talking about it again. We thought about how if a person really could have that long of a nose, would it be Ponoccio style, beak style, or elephant style. *bursts out laughing when thinking about a person with a 4 foot beak nose*

Okay so I learned that David made up nicknames for us at school while I was at the Shelton's. Unfortunately mine is Squatting Dog. O_O

So with out looking can anyone tell me the color of Yogi Bears hat??? SERIOUSLY DON'T CHEAT!! Just leave a comment. Lol, I got it right 'cause I'm a Smarticle (my nickname for stupidly smart people).


Squatting Dog

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


*stares at bowl*

Sometimes I get really tempted to get one of our BIG ceramic bowls and chuck it up in the air as HIGH as I can, and let it drop in the soft, moist dirt. I would love to see what would happen. Would it make a gigantic dent in the dirt, would it break in two pieces or would it shatter? *ponders this* I think it would break in half and make a perfect dent. I really want to do this. I wish I could. I just might. No, I'd get in trouble, and that would be a waste. It probably wouldn't make me feel as good as I thought anyway. It might turn out lame :/

Monday, February 21, 2011

Funny Story...

3. Go-Karts
4. Soccer
5. Kitty Cats
6. Psych
7. Numbers
8. Hopping
9. Kix
10. Clams

Friday, February 18, 2011

This is so cruel but HILARIOUS! Just watch one and keep track of it the whole time.

This is so stupid but cute!

Watch her belly fat! O my goodness....

Where did that come from?

Do you ever wonder how we got certain sayings?

Someone asked me how I felt and I was about to say, "Sick as a dog" when the meaning dawned on me. What does that really mean? Why a dog? I felt confused. It didn't make since.

And why do we say "dead as a doorknob" or "I slept like a baby" - when babies wake up every couple hours?

And why are there so many words for one meaning. Seriously. There are so many synonyms for the word "gaudy". Why can't we just say gaudy and not have to learn all it's synonyms. It would definitely make my vocab quizzes easier.

Language is funny.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Senile Soul Sisters....

This is us in 55 years.....use your imagination on who is who. I think it would be (from left to right) Jessy, me, Carlee and then Ashley. Why I say this is:
1) Jessy and I are both eating.
2) We are the tall ones.
3) And then Cars and Ash are short
4) Ashley is knitting and it's so a her thing
5) I'm crossing my legs like I always do


Look at the way Jessy is sitting. She looks like a lard.
Carlee's legs look so stumpy. Haha.
Ashley has that look on her face that she does. The I'm-so-cute look.

Well, I just found this interesting, so I thought I'd share. Love you Wones!


Random Pictures.....

Warning: These pictures may 'cause mild to severe cases of diahreah, small gas leaks, random bursts of laughter, and or temporary blindness.

This picture was taken on my b-day 2010. I was tryin to look like a Victorian chick. O_O

This one was totally on acident. I was trying to get a pic of our boys...and the Ref just like, bent over. It totally cracks me up.

This pic is pretty self-explanitory. Well, kinda. This was at camp.

Don't ask....Lol


Ohhhh-tay...So I am just going to say that I want to thank Becca for the bright idea of starting this blog. :)

I just drew a one eyed pickel with burn hair. O_O

I love this saying: Funny penguin
For some reason it just sounds like totally retarded and funny.

Okay have you seen iCarly where the peeps steal ideas from Carly and Sam and they act like they thought of the whole idea? Totally funny but rude. Oh and they like find the frozen head of the kangaroo dude??? Talk about freaky. Anyways I do not encourage anyone to watch that show....the only reason that I watch it is because Spencer is totally hilarious. I hate how Sam has been to Juvie like *drags out really long->* a million times.

My Female Quartet sounded horrible today...because of me! Atleast me and Ashley's duet sounded nice. :)

Balentinth.....*says in weird accent*

On Sunday night the Wones went to Kroger to get a little grub.....and got a little sidetracked. We saw the Valentines Day isle and decided to look through all the stuff and make fun of it. Some of it was cute but a lot of it was super corny. Hahaha. We liked making fun of it and seeing if we liked any of it. Here are a couple things we saw....

Gigantic chocolate lips? Really? This is SO weird. I can't imagine giving my valentine this and saying, "I love you." That would be super freaky. Solid milk chocolate lips....would you eat that whole thing? It probably weighs a whole 4 pounds.

Alright, THESE are large peeps in the shape of I LOVE YOU!!! Ew.....

Me and Bo actually liked these stuffed animals. Just cause they were so fuzzy and the lion has a fro! Isn't it cute!?!?! I would REALLY like it if it didn't have the "Wild about you" heart thing on it. But still it's cute. And the gigantic bear that Jessy is holding was humongous like a person....insane.

This is cute too. It's a jean heart full of Russel Stover chocolate that says "Happy Valentines Day." I think it's totally original which I like. Something different but not tacky, and YUMMY! (I hate that word....yummy....*cringes* It's a disturbing sounding adjective.) Anyways, I think Carlee should be used in food advertisements because she makes things look cuter. I mean without Carlee, this heart shaped thing wouldn't look cool at all ;)

These have nothing to do with Balentinth, but we were freaking out over them. They are "Kroger Cookies" (which are the best by the way) with colorful icing between them and with huge eyeballs on the top. They look like a person with his mouth open really wide. SO CUTE!!!!!

Peanut Butter overkill? Yeah.....I'm thinking so. This is a Reese's peanut butter cup "egg." Look how huge this thing is? It probably has a whole inch of peanut butter in the middle. The Wones were kinda freaked out by this :D

The Wones got really weird looks while frolicking through Kroger. Everyone looked a little creeped out by us. Haha! Life is sooo good. Well, thanks for reading. Happy Late Love Day!


I love people, but right now - I am irritated and trying to handle it rationally. Ya know? Okay, in response to your thing down there, Becca, I am going to try to get on that. It just takes me a long time, because I put a lot of thought into it. Jessy's took me forever...really. So, I'll try to hurry.

Oh, if you were at Carlee's surprise b-day party, I just want to tell you that videos of that are coming soooon. I'm excited. The film makahs are on the move!!


You might be asking...."Becca dear? What do you mean 'coughy'? Shouldn't it be 'coffee'?" Well of course not! I mean coughy! I will explain!

Today, I feel like a piece of......burnt pie. (didn't think that's what I was gonna say did yaaaaa? *laughs*) My throat is all nasty and my nose is.....*tries to sniff in*.....clogged. My head feels like a bowling ball and my neck is getting really tired of holding it up. My back is really sore....almost like I got whiplash in my back....but I know I didn't. It just feels that way. And randomly I will cough like this....."Ahhuuuuuh! Eck....eckkk....eeeeeccckkk." I sound like a hoarse gerbil. It's outlandish. Anyways, that's what I mean by "coughy."

ASHLEY AND JESSYCA! Get with the program on the "About the Wones" page. Me and Carkey have done amazing. We got it done in a snappy fashion. And you guys are just lagging behind. That's okay, I'm sure Cars and I can bring ourselves to still loving you.....somehow.

Hey, since I'm sick and probably gonna be bored....I'm gonna post about our valentines day shopping spree thingy, where we ended up not buying nothing but food....haha! But we had fun looking at the stuff and talking about how corny it all was :D

Peace, love and lint!

Monday, February 14, 2011


Did you know there are more chickens in the world than there are people?

"Screeched" is the longest mono-syllabic word in English.

'LOL' has gone from the meaning of "laugh out loud" to "I don't have anything else to say."

I wish that I could type that I have nothing more to say........

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mayo and My Cat

Okay so in case you were wondering how weird my family you go....

The other day my Mom made me clean her plants with 2% Milk. o.0 It smelled weird, but I guess it's supposed to make your plants look healthy and shiny. I'm just thankful that she didn't make me rub Mayo on it. *gags* It makes it look shinier and healthier, but smells worse and feels grosser.

Okay is it just me that does this? But when I brush my teeth I get like a Mintey Beard/Mustache. Then my face kinda burns where the toothpaste was.

I made this thing up the other day with the help of my father, Joel Watson. We made it up because every one says I'm a Spazz. Here it is: I'm not Spazzy, I'm just expressive. For some reason that cracked me up because I am so SPAZZ-TASTIC that it's freaky.

To Ashley: This is what my cat (Nutter Butter) types on the key board when i rub it on here: Ashley is weird.
HAHAHA...kidding. (No animals were harmed in the making of that sentence.) Lol


Chicken Little

Saturday, February 12, 2011


This is what my head typed when I smacked it against the key board.

8yughbdsyhjuhefkn,myougrdvs9y(Ihnjbfm iqwekfihjye8ikjbn            ldkn knbm nkdvm xiqetowkhjcffckm rdk kjkmjhgvcffvghjk


...I just...thought that was interesting.

*runs off*

"Paper Match-ee"

Yes, "paper match-ee" is paper mache, but we like to call it paper match-ee because......we just do! We don't have to give a reason I don't think, so I won't.
Let me give you MY definition of paper match-ee. It is where you sit on your butt for many minutes on a hard floor and your gluteus maximus really starts to ache. You begin to wonder why you did paper match-ee anyways. You stick your clean hands into a big bowl of goop (made of flour and water) and slap it on and all over a piece of thin newspaper. The newspaper gets to be about a hundred pounds because of the goop, so you have to use a little elbow grease and raw muscle to get into onto the surface. "What surface?" you may be asking....well most likely it will be a surface that is huge and that will take about a year and 27 days to cover fully (not counting the drying time) so, you will cover a surface with the goopey paper. Layers and layers must go on, or at least that's what the pro-paper-match-ee-ers say. Sooooo, soon enough, a year and 27 days later, you have an ugly, rock hard surface that looks like poop. THEN you have to paint it and make it look worth while. (That's a whole other issue, that I would rather not go into as of now.) So, when you finally get done with the process, your fingers get stuck together and you have to un-stick them with a chisel. Yes, a chisel. Either that, or rub them against a hard, rough rock with sharp edges. Either one would work. And while you do this, people with soft, healthy hands stand by and mock you. They point fingers and make you feel like the biggest freak on the planet. They call you "flour-child." It's very humiliating.......and VERY FUN!

Good news and fortitous information....

Hello! This is my little good luck charm for the day: MY MOVIE MAKER IS AWESOME AND IT'S FINALLY WORKING SO BE PREPARED FOR SOME VIDS THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Isn't that like a small Chinese fortune cookie? It makes you happy and lucky, like you just won a lottery that only worth 100 bucks but you still feel warm and charming inside because you think: "Wow! I can buy a new outfit and not go into debt! I like change." (I hope my mentioning the lottery doesn't offend readers....I thought it was a little joke that you would enjoy. I don't buy lottery tickets, but I dream about them sometimes. *laughs* I'm just kidding about that, so don't have a aneurysm.)

My finger hurts and here is why.....I was driving in insane weather the other day when it snowed! I felt like I was in Alaska because in two minutes it was BAAAD! Anyways, I was at school and then rushed towards home because it got dangerous....I wanted to cry cause I was so scared. I almost got hit twice because peeps were swerving all over the road. Probably cause they were trying to go 80 in very freaky weather. Dummies......anyway! I was about 15 miles from home when I noticed that my wind shield wipers were not working worth crud. I couldn't see anything. So, i pulled over and checked them and they were covered with ICE! So, I freaked and took all my right hand fingers and grabbed it and pulled down as hard as I could, trying to scrape it off!! Well my fingers were so cold that I didn't realize it was killing my fingers! When I got back in the car, I still couldn't feel anything on my fingers but I noticed two of them were bleeding. I was like, "CRAP!" So, long story short, one of my fingers is still really swollen because it has two puncture wounds under my nail. It's a double-whamey-bad-situation. Anyways, typing is interesting because it still hurts and I'm not typing with it as much.

Wones policy: "If you leave clothes at my house, I'm gonna wear it." Haaa! So, just a shout out to Carlee.....thanks for forgetting to get your shorts back from me. I have been wearing them, and then today I realized today that they are reversible, so I freaked out and changed my outfit so I could wear them with my Dark blue Vol state-intramural shirt! Isn't that cute? Also, I'm glad to hear that you like my jeans. I can picture you wearing them and them looking really cute. I should get you a pair of express jeans sometime.......whenever I win the lottery or have a small fortune cookie experience.

Another little thing for Carlee....I'm not changing the pic up there! It shows personality and it has us with our glasses and crazy's epic and you know it. Who cares if you are face looks like it's the shape of a pie, and I'm not hearing myself complain about it. You are absolutely beautiful the way you are, even when you are smirking! I LOVE YOU!

About passing on info about our blog....tell everyone you know about it! I want some hits and followers that will come back and enjoy it! SO! All you who are reading this....remember us and how we made you smile....or scowl....and pass along the joy....or misery. Whatever you prefer, just pass it along far and wide. Tell your waiter to look up and realize that you could've just changed his life for the better.....or worse.

Join the glow,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Okay so random fact: I ate a banana in a school bathroom the other day. o.0 It was weird.

Just want to say to David Armistead (how ever you spell his last name), I will get my revenge on you for making me eat that Peanut M&M off the floor! -_- *laughs evilly and smirks* Wait and see, I will get my revenge.

Another random fact: Chik-Fil-A puts egg in their Chicken Salad Sandwich. *gags* Why in the world would they ruin a perfectly good sandwich by putting egg on it, huh? For real. I mean seriously, when you put egg on a sandwich it's about the egg. When you put chicken on a sandwich it's about the chicken. SO why in the world would you name a chicken salad sandwich a Chicken Salad Sandwich if it has egg in it? *gives you a blank stare* Are you feeling me? Do you understand the words that are coming out. Of. My mouth? Why not call it an Egg and Chicken Salad Sandwich...because it's about the chicken right? Exactly! See I'm not all makes sense.

STL my friends!


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Carlee's 1st Post!! *hyperventilates*

Oh. My. Word! This is so exciting!! *spazzes out* All you guys can just call me the Spazz-tastic one of the group. :) I am so freaked out this blog...all of you readers are going to be in for the time of your lives. *gasps for no apparent reason*

Okay random flash back *phases out and lets you envision what she is thinking* The last Basketball game we had there was this guy from the other team...and I saw him itch his butt/upper thy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.0 Talk about scarred for life. It was like he was talking to his coach and doing was NOT pretty. Not that any person itching there butt would be a pretty sight...and well...I'm kinda digging myself a hole. Moving on!!

I think when I do really weird random stuff, people just stare at me. No joke. It's 'kinda funny. 'Cause then I just do even more weird things to embarrass them for staring at me. :) Life is grand isn't it?

I wish we had Bacon...and not just any kind. I'm talking Hickory Smoked Crispy Crunchy Bacon!! *faints from excitement* Chill out peeps. I'll survive.

Carleeeeee ;p


Monday, February 7, 2011

What's the nonsense?

Hey! This is the Wones' blog where you get to hear about four crazy girls who need to take NyQuil as a daily dosage!!! Sounds interesting huh? Well, we are hoping this will be super addicting to you, and we hope to get a multimillion hits from you alone....*points*....yes, I'm talking to you ;D

Well, the purpose of this blog is....for the fun of it! We will be posting pictures, beloved Pure Talent films, video ideas, disturbing thoughts, and ramblings that come from our dilapidated minds. God has given us the gift of being ourselves and of loving laughter and joy. We really enjoy making people laugh and we hope that this blog will do that for you. So, I guess that's the purpose in a nutshell!

Thanks for checking the blog out! Please post comments and follow us! YAY FOR BACON!

-The Wones