Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wones Unite!

So... the Wones are FINALLY going to hang out tonight. Mind you: this will be the last time that the Wones Girls will get to hang out all together this summer. Becca is leaving to go to a camp all summer. *shuns Becca*

Hopefully we can have her blog about her adventures at camp.

I OD'ed on slushie/Wheat Thins/Peanut Cluster Bars. *gags* I feel really sick to my stomach. *eyes roll back into head* I'm thinking something Baconey would help?? You tell me.

Summer has been boring to far. Yeah, yeah, I know I've only been off for a week (not even), but I feel like there is nothing to do. I'm excited about seeing everyone at our party.

Give me ideas of things to keep me occupied.

Melting her brain out on the computer,


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kirstin, Lake, and Pee Dream

Okay, I had a dream that made me wake up with a smile on my face. It was so rich. This is what went down.

The Wones, Kirstin and Tsali were all sitting out on a dock in the lake. We were all just talking and being weird. It was epic! Ash, Cars, Jess, and Tsali were sitting/laying around, Kirstin was sitting in a lawn chair that was real close to the edge of the dock, and I was standing up. I was doing something that was probably idiotic, and I guess it really tickled Kirstin cause she laughed so hard that she fell backwards into the lake! I started laughing so hard and yelling, "I'm gonna pee! Guys for real....hahahah." Well I ended up peeing in my pants and then everyone started rolling around of laughter and Kirstin was struggling to swim. I remember that I was waddling quickly to the bathroom while they all laughed at my expense. It was such an amazing dream. I woke up smiling.

Monday, May 23, 2011


Click on this link above! It's a weird video. I was dying laughing. It's so funny! When he like pets his face....*weezes* And when the red headed kid talks, he talk so weird!!! Just watch it and you will see.

This one cracks me up too!!
Dying laughing,


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Wow, summer and sunshine need to get here soon! I want to swim and be tan. CAMP, PLEASE HURRY, but then slow down when you get here so that you can be enjoyed.

Withering away from boredom,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

6 Children and A babystitter

So...tonight I babysat at Jaden Allen's Graduation Ceremony. You want to know what went down?? -_-

Basically it was me and 6 children. They were all under four years old. Five boys, and a baby girl, not yet one year old. Talk about crazy. It was only 3 hours, but still. Five boys? Yeah basically they all want the to use the toy the other one is using. It was a constant circle of grabbing out of the others hands and throwing that toy down once that child that just got snatched from grabbed another toy. Then the baby would start crying when I would put her in her in her little jumpy bouncy chair thing.

When I went to change a two year olds diaper I put the baby in the bouncy and out the little boy on the changing station. As soon as I lifted him up she started screaming like crazy. Then two of the other boys were fighting over a toy, one was running around pushing a really loud stroller, THEN one was banging a plastic hammer as LOUD AS HE COULD! -_- I handled it well. But it drove me crazy. I think that was the fastest anyone has ever put a diaper on in the world. HAHAH...

Hope you guys enjoyed my long life story!
Relaxing and enjoying every minute of it,


AMAZING DAY!!!! It is ending.......POOP!!!

Its been such an amazing day. I really,really,really don't want it to end. I'm happy for school to be over and to not actually have to do school every single day. But I'm gonna miss EVERYONE so much it really makes me wanna cry. :( I seem like a total baby i know and it takes ALOT to make me cry, sooo I'm not a baby and i guess .....that tells you how much all my friends and family mean to me. I'm also happy though to know that ill be seeing most of them in a week at the end of the year party at our house!! YAY!!! 
           The end of the school party was AMAZING today i had soooooooooooo much fun!!!! Besides people saying that i was heavy and almost dropping me on my face!!!! *cough Ashley cough Iain n' David cough* But i totally felt good afterward cause Ashley thought she cold hold for a while like dead weight in her arms. I was like "no you cant you're gonna drop me" so Iain had to help hold me for like 2 seconds so that way Ashley could actually pick me up!! HAHHAHA and guess what.....she held me up for like 2 seconds!!!! and then dropped me!!! it was funny but then it got even better cause i was saying how i could hold her up longer and i did and it like wasn't really even a struggle. IT.WAS.PRICELESS. *smirks and gets in Ashley's face"and you said i was weak!!!!* Shows  YOU i guess having to lift my little rock up all the time payed off...HUH?!!?!?!?!!!!!!    

              But on a happier less smirky note......I'M OFFICIALLY A FRESHMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it?!?!?!?!? I don't feel any different though and that makes sense soooo.....yeah........:B
But it was really nasty cause  i went outside to put the mower in the garage and there were cicadas still coming out of their little shells THEY.WERE.EVERYWHERE.    AND IT.WAS.SICKENING.!!!!!!!! then i walked through a spider web so that didn't help out wit my little paranoia of stepping on squishy nasty bugs.......uhhhhhhh*shivers and vomits a tiny bit in mouth* that was probably TMI but you'll have to get over it!!!!!   

                        Graduation is tomorrow!!! Graduates let that sink it in?!?!?!? Okay good!!! But really think bout it..........*looks up into thinking bubble thingy*  Tomorrow will be you first step to actual complete adulthood,your first step into the real world on your own,having to go to college and having a job. Having to earn money to get by on car insurance and bills well some of you maybe. I think what ill miss most when i graduate is the friends cause if you look at people now who graduated years ago....they don't all stay in touch or get together until their 20 year reunion. That's sad to me so grads. you better STAY IN TOUCH and come visit every once in a while and coming to party's and whatnot that needs to happen!!! and don't become a stick in the mud!!! Walk around like you have a stick crammed up your butt like your better than everyone or too old to act like a complete idiot sometimes!!!!! Okay?!?!?!?!*gives stern look* Good I'm glad we got the ground rules established!!! JKN!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Anyways cant wait till tomorrow. I just got back from a dif. graduation for a kid we go to church with so it was coo it was coo.....     Well peace love and bacon and other delicious food!!!!


                The girl who's keeping her head up and food down!!!!*kekekekeke someone told me to do that in my yearbook!!!!! They also called me fat jokingly!!! person you know who you are!!*   JESSY

          P.S. Hey Asha did you notice I've been using my encyclopedia?!?!?!


My day was amazing! Just was sad to see some peeps for the "last" time, but it was really good. :) I got tons of peeps to sign my yearbook. Some were super sweet, other tremendously funny, and a few were VERY random. Overall, my day was great.

Can't wait 'till Graduation tomorrow. It will be sad but awesome.

I have to go to a Graduation at Southside tonight. I am babysitting...and getting paid. *grins widely* I think I'll be watching three kids. I will be fun.

Got to go stare at my yearbook, again.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Hello people!!!! We are watching American Idol....and*does rasberry* this one girl Haley had a fan going so it looked like wind was blowing through her hair and stuff. Grandma was like"oh thats so cool"and i was like "no that is not!!!That is so freakin stupid!! and then she got snappy cause she disagreed with me.  it kinda annoyed me!!!!(but theres a cute kid on there competing his name is scotty)

                  anyway i cant wait for school tomorrow!! To see everyone and be able to hangout. It'll be nice. :) I miss everyone so much. I cant wait for summer,but it kinda sucks cause we don't always get to see everyone during the summer or at least not a lot.  That makes me sad. :( Well i got to go were gonna have some sgetti and salada(spagetti and salad) YUM.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011


heres some wierd pics!!! hehehehe enjoy.....:B theres not a ton but theres a few!!!!



Monday, May 16, 2011


This cracks. Me. Up! Nolan just came up to me after I loaded this. We both watched the videos and then he turned to me and said, "Dude. I have a nice butt." He then pointed at it as we were cracking up. It was SO funny. He was all, "Dude, look!" HAHAH! He leaves tomorrow, Tuesday, and I will be at school ALL day so I won't get to see him before he leaves. :( I am SO sad. Nolan has cracked me up the whole week he has been here. LOVE YOU NOLEY!


P.S. Keep following because I might post more funny videos of us with him.

I Need This....

Wow. This is hysterical. The best part is the very first guy, who is listening to the advertisement. He looks so scared and just nods his heard. *wipes a tear* Okay, and I love the woman voice. It translates really long, "with my bros." LOL!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crash and Eddie

The other night, we were watching Ice Age 3, one of my favorite movies, and I kept dying laughing at Crash and Eddie! Those two little dudes totally make Ice Age 3 the best! It's amazing!

This first clip that I have cracks me up for two reasons. 1)They are so dumb. 2) This is something that all the Wones do. We each have our own move and will "celebrate" like this and it is so funny. (Sorry about the bad quality of the vid. It's the only one I could find)

This vid reminds me of me and Jessy. I don't know why. I guess cause we are always beating each other up. LOL.

Wild child?

Right now, I'm sitting in my room and letting my nephew jump off my bed into a pile of pillows. He's laughing like a maniac and I'm just sitting her singing to him....what I mean by this is that I'm talking to him, but singing every word I say. *sings* "You are going crazy Brennen." He is yelling to me, "You are a wild child." Is this so? *ponders*

Friday, May 13, 2011


Bout to kick my dad and cousin Nolens butts at tennis!!!! Wish me luck!!! :B

    Peace,love,BACON,and SKITTLES!!!!!!

          P.S. I just stole some skittles from someone!!! hehehehehehe *does hyper smile*

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

One liner

I saw a bee...*clear throat*....pass a bowel today....and it scared me. BAD.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tales of freedom

To be totally and completely honest with you...I'm not exactly sure why I named this post "Tales of freedom." I was just typing and that's what appeared. Offended? I'm sorry.

Well I'm here today to tell you about the crazy time we had in St. Louis! We went to St. Louis for Mothers Day and...WOW! It was fun! Imagine a house full of Becca and Ashleys...don't think about it tooooo long because it might creep you out, but to be real, this is almost what it is like. My family is very crazy and it's amazing because we get hyper and laugh a lot. I will begin the "Tale of freedom" from the very beginning. *opens story book and sighs*

When we first got to Grammie and Pops house we all just stood around and hugged, then stood around then hugged again. Then my gramps were freaking out because I'm really tall, then they would hug me again. All of us were really tired to we went to bed. Me and Pops watched the end part of a CSI episode-thing and I got to see someone get stabbed 10 times. That served as a goodnight kiss and I ran to bed. *laughs*

Next morning, we hung out and had several cups of coffee. My family and I can put down the caffeine, just saying. Poppy did Sudoku all morning....I think he is addicted! And Grammie and Momma planted Grams new rose bushes that Pop was annoyed with. He doesn't like the fact that he's gonna have to mow around them *snickers*

Later on, my Aunt Robin showed up and we all got slightly hyper and then us five girls frolicked off to Schnucks to get some grub! *sings* It was Momma, Grammie, Aunt Robin, Ash and I.....crazy group. And one thing you should know about these five girls is that we really like food....a lot.
These pictures might confuse you a bit but I will explain. Schucks is like a Tennessee Publix and it has a ton of samples and stuff. *sings again* SO, we were all over those things. Grammie got a humongous handful of pepperoni sausages and was carrying them around the store. Aunt Robin was getting cheese with crackers and ran out of crackers so went back and asked for more. Then Momma was asking for meat samples at the deli. Ash and i actually didn't have that many samples. I had fun standing off from a distance and blackmailing my family by taking pictures of them stuffing their faces. *evil grin* Here are some of those pictures. The lady in the blue with the knee brace is my Aunt and then the lady with the sleeveless black and white shirt is Grammie.

On the way back home we all talked about the way we sneeze and were dying laughing because me and Aunt Robin were mimicking everyone's sneezes. What got us on this convo? Well Grammie sneezed and then said, "Whew! That was Irish!" (Irish sneeze is one that comes from the toes up. The kind that jolts your whole body but feels amazing) So, Aunt Robin said her sneeze was German because she actually says the word, A-choo! I don't know. It was a dumb conversation and it really doesn't make sense at all.....*cheesy smile*

This is the end result of our pig like trip to was an amazing dinner. We all had way to many desserts but it was a great feeling. After that, my nephews and neice dragged Ash and I up to the school yard (a middle school playground right behind my gramps house) and we played a game and then swang on the swings. It was fun and made me feel like I was gonna throw up.

Now here is a pic of my new niece and Austin. What I mean by new niece is the my sister and brother-in-law, Aimee and Matt are adopting her. Her name is Alexis, she is 9 and she sure fits in with the family! That is her sitting on my lap and yes Austin is the one who is having a face spasm in the middle :D

This is another nephew named Caden. He has the prettiest blue eyes and he wrinkles his nose a lot when he smiles or when he is focusing hard on something. He's a cutey and is gonna be a smiley kid, I can see it now.

Well after everyone calmed down after eating, all the kids were taken home and the older peeps made a bonfire. We all just stared at it for a while....but then our conversation started. Now this is where our visits get disturbing....when the talking starts happening. My family has a habit of talking about mishaps or really gross subjects. The subjects of the night was sickness and pooping. Yes, you heard me. We talked about these two subjects for about....2 hours? I don't know. It was a long time. I lost track and then next thing I knew, it was ten o'clock. So, it was a while. I don't even know why we were talking about his, but it happened and we were dying laughing because we were totally telling gross stories about each other and having the time of our lives doing so. My family has a way of telling things how it is, and it makes our visits so funny. We truly tell things how it is. For discretion sake, I will not tell the actual conversations that we had, but let me just say....people were saying things like it is and totally making each other laugh because of the honesty. You gotta love it :)

The next day we all went to Kobi's steak house and had an amazing lunch. This is all of us on the elevator going up to the top of the building. It was a glass on one side so some of the fam were spazzing a little. Aunt Robin was telling us that my cousin Jason is so freaked out by that elevator because one time when they went in there, someone had stuck McDonalds pickles all over the glass window. She said it scarred him and now he is freaked out by that elevator. Haha!

This is my craziest nephew Landon. He gives me the most hugs and likes to say random stuff. It's so funny. He randomly said the other day, "Dude! I'm hungry and i need money." I don't know where it came from but it was so funny and random. Take a look at this you notice anything on this boys sleeve? Well, it's soy sauce. You know those soy sauce containers that have two open sides? Well I guess he put his arm back way too far and poured soy sauce all over himself. I thought it was pretty hilarious! Poor dude. LOL.

Anyways, there was my Tale of Freedom. Hope I didn't bore you! All of this to say, I wish some of you could meet my family and get so experience the weirdness up and personal. It's so hard to even express how weird we are over a blog post, but anyways! I. HAD. FUN.

And Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful ladies who have given their time and attention to raising children and a family that works and functions. These women are amazing!

Brennen's laugh is SO adorable

Hello people! This is a vid of me and my nephew being being very dumb, but the reason I put this on the blog is because Brennen's laugh is so contagious and adorable! Just thought I would show you all how cute he is and hopefully he will make you smile or pee. Either would be great :)

This Will Make You Pee...NO LIE!

Monday, May 9, 2011


funny-pictures-kitten-is-excited-about-baconthis one is still my fav!!!!bacon.jpglittle dog with big eyes wanting baconfunny pictures of dogs with captions
i want this on my b-day!!!! Everyone got that?!?!?!B.Y.O.B. BRING YOUR OWN BACON FUNNY T-SHIRT


BACON The early yearsBacon_3d : Pig is a symbol of a new year. But so funny and with fire fur. It was made in 3dand leaving you vegetarians to think on that.......enjoy BACON!!!!!!!


                  BACON OBSESSED JESSY!!!!!!!!!!!  :B

P.S. Heres some tips for ways to make insta bacon!!!!!   ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!
PBF\'s great instant bacon cartoon

Say What Now?!?!??!?!?!?

I LOVE ORANGES!!!!!!!!!! AND PICKLESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CHICKEN..............AND BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Food Idiosyncracies

I've noticed some weird things about food. What we do/don't do with food.

Why, I ask, is it a habit with most people I know NOT to eat the end of a banana? They peel it, eat it and systematically leave the very tip of the banana in the peel to be disposed of? Is the little seed-you-cannot-even-feel cursed? Because NO ONE eats it. They just leave it in there. I mean, yeah, it is a little blackish, but its no the banana, its just microscopic seeds that you had been eating no-problemo up to that point? So whats the deal?

Have you noticed that ranch tastes good on everything? Okay, some smart alek is going to say, "Nu-uh it doesn't taste good on donuts! WELL OF COURSE IT DOESN'T! Don't do that, compredas? But seriously, its good on bread, chips, pizza, chicken, beef, salads, vegetables...or anything. I'm always surprised at how good it tastes with something random.

Weird...but I was eating BBQ chips the other day and I needed something to drink. So I went to the fridge and poured out Cranberry/Grape juice. As I was pouring it, I thought, "Why am I doing this? This is going to be gross!" But it was sooo strange! As soon as I drank that juice, I couldn't taste the BBQ anymore, its like it washed it out. It ended up being a really good combination.

Have bacon with supper tonight. Oh wow. Amayzangness.

Why is it that you never get addicted to healthy food? Its always chips that you "can't just eat one" of. Or Chips Ahoy or something. I mean, have you ever heard of anyone being truly addicted to carrots or apple slices? Naw. Never. NO FAIR!

The weird and insanely fat,

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's my time to rant with a Christian way

Fact: Becca cries a ton.
Fact: Becca always has good reason to cry.
Fact: She is not a baby

Now, after you read this, you can judge whether or not you believe these facts. I think today might have been an off-day for me or something cause I feel like a baby right now.

Well here is a story about me crying. But first I have to explain the background to this story.

I had to turn in a "test" that I made. I had to pretend to be the teacher and make a test over the last five chapters we had covered. I knew how to do this because we did one a couple weeks back. I got 100% and he said it was the best in the class! I thought, "Dang! If I just do this next one exactly like last time, I'll be good to go." Now, I can continue with my story.....

Today at Volstate, I ran to Psychology class to drop off something to one of my girlfriends. Everyone was in the middle of taking the final (I didn't have to take the final because I already got an A. Yay!) so I just ran in and dropped it next to her purse while she was testing and then I went up to my teacher to make sure that he got my file that I sent him. (the test thing I told you about) He motioned for me to come over to the computer and check with him. He opened up his email, pulled up the file, looked at it for two seconds, then said, "oooohhhh no, I see a problem already." This conversation follows:

Becca: What's wrong with it?
Teacher: It doesn't have page numbers.
Becca: *confused look* okay.
Teacher: You are supposed to put page numbers. (he is referring to page numbers for EACH answer. Like, where in the book I found the answer when I was making the test)
Becca: Since when?
Teacher: Since always. *you-are-dumb-look*
Becca: I've never put page numbers on any of my assignments.
Teacher: Well you should've.
Becca: Okay.
Teacher: Put the page numbers on there and send it to me.
Becca: Yes sir. Do you want me to email it to you or put it in the dropbox?
Teacher: Put the page numbers Becca.
Becca: Yes sir.
Teacher: Are you gonna send it?
Becca: Yes sir. Do you want me to email it?
Teacher: Just put the page numbers and send it.
Becca: Over D2L?
Teacher: Yes. *fake huge smile* Goodbye.
Becca: Bye. *walks to door and opens it*
Teacher: Becca!
Becca: *turns around* Yes?
Teacher: When? *still talking across class room*
Becca: *confused look* When what?
Teacher: Page numbers.
Becca: I'll send it tonight.
Teacher: When?
Becca: *gets fed up and walks back to desk* I'll send it tonight when I get home.
Teacher: When?
Becca: *eyes start to burn* I'll do my best to get it in by five maybe?
Teacher: Alright. *laughs*
Becca: K. *walks away quickly for fear he would see tears*

Yep, and as soon as I closed the door, tears started welling up in my eyes and my hands started quivering because I was so angry/humiliated/confused/sad. I went straight to work and tried to contain myself, but then I couldn't, so I walked outside and cried my eyes out. I called mom so I could tell her and get it off my chest. That helped some.

Why is this a big deal? I'm not sure. All I know is that you should never take a class from this man because he is very inconsistent and getting information from him is like picking up a bulldozer.....impossible! And I feel like he picks on me because I make good grades and I ask a lot of's SO IRRITATING! I'm like...."would you be nicer if I was getting an F? Well fine, you can be mean all you want because I'm gonna keep trying for A's no matter how you treat me."

Anyways, I wanted to rant. That's the point of this. Sorry if it bored you. And I apologize for those of you who think I'm a baby now. I was trying to be tough, but it didn't work. Not today :/